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Looking for a easy and unique fundraiser?

We sell our gift cards to various fund raising organizations. We sell the gift cards for 20% off the face value of the card. These gift cards can be sold in any denomination that your organization chooses.

The gift cards will be made out for the full amount and your organization is billed for 80% of the total, thereby leaving your organization with 20% of the total as your profit.

These gift cards are redeemable at our garden center located at 1625 Leider Lane, Buffalo Grove, IL 60089.

Benefits of selling gift cards versus having a plant sale: People can come in and select their own product (colors, etc.); You do not have to worry about staffing the sale; You do not have to worry about the weather the day of your sale; You do not have to worry about the security of the product before/after your plant sale; And finally, people can purchase the plants whenever they are ready for them!

Schools, churches and other organizations that have participated in this program find it very easy to do and very successful! Contact us today to learn more, or if you would like set up a gift card sale with your organization.